We welcome you to join us for our monthly meetings.
Tex US TOO, Inc., Houston’s oldest and largest chapter, provides a forum for sharing, caring and learning from medical experts and through many programs and services. No one needs to face prostate cancer alone. We spread hope. Please visit our website to learn more at www.texustoo.org.

In addition to providing education and support programs, we are an active advocate for patients. We are committed to making sure patients are aware of the programs, medications, treatments and professional health care services needed to cope with a complex disease.

Our chapter actively promotes wide public awareness of prostate cancer in the Houston area. Activities include participation in health fairs as well as promotion of free prostate cancer screenings in September, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Our annual 5K Run/Walk in downtown Houston supports awareness and raises funds for prostate cancer outreach activities as a community service.

Monthly meetings provide a forum for medical experts to inform group members about treatment options and post-treatment issues. The group focuses on fellowship, peer counseling, education, and treatment alternatives. A question and answer period is followed by informal group discussions. For our monthly meeting schedules and speaker information go to www.texustoo.org.

Prostate cancer not only impacts the lives of men, but also their partner or spouse and family. Companions and families are also encouraged to attend.

Whether you are recently diagnosed, are currently under treatment or wish to learn more about prostate cancer, we welcome you. We encourage men to take control and make informed decisions after getting factual information to plan a course of action.

Prostate cancer is a complex disease. Start learning with us!

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